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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I apply?

If you wish to register, simply go to the web page for the course that interests you and complete the information request form. One of our advisors will contact you by telephone. You might also want to make an appointment for an interview with your advisor once you have received a confirmation message and sent back the form. Alternatively, you may click here.

For a certificate course, your application and project will be evaluated during this interview. During the interview, the advisor will also give you details about the course’s content and how it is run and will start the registration process if the decision is made to move forward.

This interview will also be carried out for the Executive Master.

If your application and project are accepted and if our Master meets your expectations, you will then need to complete our admissions forms, take a series of tests and have an interview with two of our Academic Directors. After this stage, the panel will review your application and, if you are accepted, you will be able to begin the administrative formalities with the advisor

What level of English is required?

We require B2 level (785 TOEIC points). If you have not taken a test, you must be able to provide proof that you have a good command of business English. It is important that you are able to both understand written and video lessons and take part in working groups and master classes.

What other prerequisites are there?
Applicants for our Executive Certificates

– Our Executive Certificates are designed for digitally-minded professionals with at least three to four years of professional experience.

Candidates for the Executive Master in Digital Transformation

– Must have at least three years of professional experience.

– Must have at least four years of higher education (equivalent of 240 ECTS credits). *pour les candidats français: Master 1 (équivalent au BAC+4)

– Candidates who have less than 4 years of higher education must be able to prove that they have additional equivalent experience by seeking VAP (Valorisation des Acquis Professionnels) accreditation.

What is the closing date for applications?

Registration usually closes two weeks before the course begins.

What are the costs of our programmes?

> A certificate course is priced at €4,500 excl. tax (€5,400 incl. tax in France).

> The Certified Professional Programme (4 certificates) is priced at €14,400 excl. tax (€17,280 incl. tax in France).

> The Executive Master is priced at €19,900 excl. tax (€23,880 incl. tax in France).

What forms of payment do you accept? Is it possible to split the cost?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card (a commission fee applies for credit card payments). We also accept payment in instalments, but a down payment must be made when the contract is signed. You may also seek funding from your employer.

What is the procedure for using my CPF allowance? (en français)

Pour cela, il vous suffit de vous connecter sur le site Accédez à votre espace personnel. (N’oubliez pas d’ajouter vos heures de DIF si ce n’est pas encore fait). Cherchez nos formations en tapant “essec” et “formation à distance » dans la barre de recherche). Puis cliquez sur « s’inscrire à cette formation ». Nous examinerons puis validerons, le cas échant, votre demande sous 48h. Vous aurez alors 4 jours pour régler le solde dû, par carte de crédit. Nos conseillers peuvent vous aider si besoin.

Accès direct à nos formations:

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence for Business
Design Thinking & Agile Methods
Mastering Digital Business Models: from Design to Responsible Governance
Driving Digital Change: People & Processes
Leading with Data-driven Strategies & Analytics

Is it possible for the French employment office Pôle Emploi to cover the cost of the course? (en français)

Il arrive que Pôle Emploi prenne en charge, en partie ou en totalité, les frais de formation. Vous devez pour cela nous contacter pour que nous déposions un devis dans votre espace sur la plateforme Pôle Emploi. Puis vous en discuterez avec votre conseiller Pôle Emploi qui décidera de la prise en charge ou non. Cela peut prendre plusieurs semaines.

Si vous avez encore un crédit CPF, vous devrez le mobiliser. Dans ce cas, la demande de prise en charge doit être faite au moins 4 semaines avant le début de la formation.

Can the cost of the course be covered by Transition Pro (formerly known as Fongecif)? (en français)

Il est possible de déposer une demande de prise en charge, si votre projet de formation correspond à un changement de métier et si vous respectez les conditions préalables d’ancienneté. Son acceptation dépendra de votre profil et de votre dossier.

Nous vous aiderons à remplir la partie du dossier concernant les modalités de la formation. Nous vous recommandons toutefois vivement de préparer cette demande avec un conseiller Transition Pro. Les démarches sont assez longues ; la demande doit être déposée au plus tard 3 mois avant le début de la formation souhaitée (2 mois pour les salariés en CDD).

Do I have to log in at a set time?

No, you can log in and work whenever you like. Only the Friday masterclass takes place at a fixed time, but if you are unable to join live, you can also watch the replay.

How many hours will I need to study each week?

The estimated workload is around two hours a day, ten hours a week. You can organise your schedule however you like, as long as you keep to the submission deadlines.

What is your average class size?

There are usually between 20 and 30 participants in each class.

Who are the teachers?

Teaching is provided by ESSEC professors and subject-area experts. This teaching may sometimes be supplemented by external speakers, who are also specialists in their fields. Their biographies can be found in the descriptions of each course and the Executive Master.

What are the start dates for the Executive Master?

You can join the Executive Master in Digital Transformation on any session start date (the start of a certificate course or “management essentials”). We will then work with you on building a suitable personalised programme.

What will I receive at the end of the course? A certificate or a diploma?

At the end of an 8-week course, you will receive a certificate from ESSEC on your chosen theme. If you successfully complete the entire Master, you will receive an ESSEC Executive Master diploma with a Bac+5 qualification from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. (RNCP level 7)

Will I be able to join the network of ESSEC alumni?

If you complete the Executive Master in Digital Transformation you will be able to join the network of ESSEC alumni (50,000 people worldwide).

Will I receive career guidance? Or help starting a business?

If you complete the Executive Master in Digital Transformation, you will have access to the ESSEC Talent Center:

  • – Alumni network, 50,000 alumni around the world
  • – ESSEC Ventures, business incubator
  • – K-Lab, research resources and services
Will I receive academic credentials?

One certificate course will provide 8 ECTS credits. The Executive Master will provide 90 ECTS credits.

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