Augmented Digital Campus

Enlighten. Lead. Change.

A digital campus created with the future needs of higher education in mind

ESSEC Business School, a pioneer and leader in its field, offers Executive Education for Managers with a selection of premium online courses and genuine case studies on digital transformation. Staying faithful to our tradition of innovation and our pioneering spirit, we have launched our new Augmented Digital Campus that offers you a unique and rich online learning experience.

With this platform, leaders of tomorrow will be able to anticipate changes in the business world and adapt quickly.

The Augmented Digital Campus, an innovative educational tool designed by ESSEC, represents the school’s 5th campus that complements those in Cergy, La Défense, Rabat and Singapore.

Presentation - Augmented Digital Campus

Julien Malaurent, Professor of Information Systems at ESSEC, Academic Director,
presents the ESSEC Augmented Digital Campus

A shared experience and academic excellence

The students/participants can access their courses and ESSEC’s professors and experts through videos, podcasts and a number of other resources made readily available. In order to offer an experience similar to the classroom training modules, the role of the professor is crucial.

The Augmented Digital Campus utilizes a learning model that is the inverse of the traditional classroom model; the majority of knowledge will be assimilated outside of classroom time. As such, peer learning and peer-evaluation will enable the professor to focus on activities with higher added value for the students/participants. During the designated “class time”, the professor will focus on making sure the participants fully comprehend the complexity of the topics covered or on the presentation of practical cases.

Dedicated meeting times with the professor will be organized in accordance to the office hours model. The office hours will be available in two formats: in a synchronous mode (question and answer session during the seminar, group discussions and debates, personal interviews) and an asynchronous mode (public review of documents and presentations, selection of the best assignments that become examples for the next class).

Peer learning at the heart of the pedagogical design

Peer learning facilitates opportunities for sharing and feedback between the participants. At the beginning of the program, participants are divided into two-person teams: each participant is assigned a learning buddy.The role of the buddy is to promote interaction and discussion related to the learning experience. Regular “buddy meetings” are organized in order to provide the participants an opportunity to discuss a particular subject and then share a summary of this discussion with the rest of the learning community.

The peer assessment system was developed as a means to evaluate all individual assignments. Before submitting any work for evaluation to the professor, each student/participant receives feedback on his work from three other participants. Evaluating peers is an important part of the learning process and it helps develop the ability to provide constructive feedback, an essential skill for any manager.

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